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Groom, tack, ride, and bond with a horse.

Riding Lessons-Everybody benefits from the movement of riding and bonding with a horse.

Our lessons include grooming, tacking, and riding a horse.  

Jen is a registered instructor through PATH Interl. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International). 

The Benefits of Riding

Riding utilizes equine activities and offers many benefits to its participants. The contributions include physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being of individuals. 

The overall goal is for the rider to learn horseback riding skills and to develop skills that carry over to their everyday lives. Increasing self-esteem and communication skills, improving posture and coordination, stretching and strengthening of muscles, improving range of motion, and increasing the ability to focus and stay on task are just some of the benefits that horseback riding can offer. 

Most importantly, the riders get to experience the bond with a horse while also having lots of fun in the family friendly quiet setting of Vandermere Farm!

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